If you are thinking of organizing an event, Ticketerum is the ideal solution. A cloud platform that will allow you to create your ticketing page without the need for technical knowledge, easily and in a few minutes.
The main advantages of using Ticketerum are:

  • Create your ticketing page in a few minutes
  • Offer participants to your event the possibility to buy tickets from wherever and whenever they want
  • Collect the proceeds from the sale of your tickets in less than 48 hours from the end of your event
  • Know in real time the number of tickets sold, collection, % occupancy ... both from the web and from the Ticketerum app
  • Download the list of participants to your event in Excel
  • Validate tickets and control access and capacity of your event with the Ticketerum app by scanning the QR code of the ticket
  • Generate tickets of all kinds and for all types of events (free, payment, donations. multiple days, for time passes...)
  • Sell numbered tickets and customize your seat map
  • Optionally, customize the platform 100% with your brand and get your own ticket company effortlessly and with the latest technology
  • Connect Ticketerum with any other platform that interests you